How To Connect Your Mining Equipment To a Mining Pool

Connecting a Mining Pool To Your Mining Equipment.

If you don’t know which pool your mining equipment need you can find it out through MiningPoolStats*. In this article we will just walk you through what it means to register and connect your miner till specific pool

Choice of pool.

Depends on the miner you’ve bought decides which pool you should use. To find the right pool you can google which coin you want to mine

Use to find which pool you need.

Connect your pool to your mining software/dashboard.

Make sure to register and save all necessary information on a safe please, if you lose your personal and sensitive information you will lose your account.

Your need to register your mining equipment as a worker. This is necessary for connect your pool to your mining software. You can name your miner (Worker) to whatever you want.

After you’ve created your Worker ID, go back to your mining software and locate the settings tab. Depending on which software you have will determine which requirements you need to fill out, but usually it looks like this.

Stratum URL: So your miner know which pool it should connect to.
Worker ID: Your miners given name
Password: The password is public and are different for each brand.

Example of how looks like via
Stratum URL:
Worker ID: *****.WorkerID
Password: 123456789

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